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I was a music major most of my undergraduate years, and focused on Shakespeare in graduate school and my acting career.  These two interests came together after a stroke. I could play the tabor pipe as a hemiplegic, and I knew that Shakespeare’s musicians used the pipe and drum a lot. 

One of my favorite events is the annual International Pipe and Tabor Festival, which is held annually somewhere in England. In 2019 it will be in Stratford-on-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace and his family’s home.  Because of my Shakespeare experience I’ve been invited to give the keynote at the festival opening. I plan to base the keynote in a Shakespeare impersonation, and from Shakespeare’s point of view introduce other talks being presented at the Festival. If you are interested in Pipe and Tabor, here is the website. (

Colorado Shakespeare Garden 

Having served as Shakespeare for many years for the Colorado Shakespeare Festival (

and as a founding member of the Colorado Shakespeare Gardens (

The impersonation is available by appointment. (Please use site contact).  As Shakespeare, I will meet you in the Gardens to answer questions or entertain comments you have about me or my time in history. We will find there are many similarities between my time and yours. 

Denver Botanic Gardens  (

For the past few years Shakespeare (my impersonation) serves as a surprise at the end of the Midsummer Nights Tour, featured in late June and early July. The docents tour 14 to 20 people through the Denver Botanic Gardens, show ‘n telling the plants of Shakespeare’s times and in his plays. In late June and early July, these tours take place in the cool of the evening, and conclude when the last question is answered, usually by dusk. The tour attendees are interested in Shakespeare and the 16thcentury, and their questions and comments are well informed.

These are the dates for the Midsummer Tours at the DBG 2019

June 20 at 6 pm

June 23 at 6 pm

June 29 at 6 pm

June 30 at 6 pm

July 5 at 6 pm

July 6 at 6 pm

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